Anonymous asked:

Hey! I love love love your blog! and I also love the fashion in Reign. I was wondering if you have any tips on how to bring reign into your everyday wardrobe without it being too dressy or too expensive? I appreciate your help xxxx

1) For me it’s all about jewelry and accessories.


Lola’s jewelry in "For King and Country". image via reigncostumes.

Go for statement pieces - antique-looking earrings, victorian inspired necklace or/and a set of coctail rings (Topshop has some great ones!).

How could I forget about headbands?

If you are having any trouble finding your perfect choker/bracelet/headband in stores you can check - seriously, I can browse this website for hours - you can find literally everything there - from designer vintage wedding gowns to handmade jewelry inspired by The Tudors and Game of Thrones!

sidenote: I am often told that I post “too much jewelry” or simply “more costumes, less jewelry” and I really would love to post more costumes but a) many of Reign’s fabulous dresses are vintage (which can be REALLY hard to find and almost impossible to track down another one like this) or b) many costumes are custom-made including most of Mary’s gorgeous skirts, corsets and capes.

2) You can go for one Reign-inspired piece while leaving the usual tee-jeans-boots uniform (almost) intact, for example exchange your tee for a peasant blouse (Forever 21 has many great options this season - it’s impossible to choose just one :)).

H&M also has some nice dresses!

If you want to achieve more of a regal look - look for dark blouses with embellishments, velvet dresses and either brocade or tapestry-looking coats. Nothing too bright - Reign costumes have quite muted palette.

Reign has a swoon-worthy collection of shoes, such a shame we don’t get to see all of them on screen. :(

Here’s a little set of Reign-inspired shoes.

3) If you’re thinking that your outfit is “too much” - you can tone down your outfit by throwing on a chunky cardigan.


It will help you not only to keep warm but also will make your outfit look more effortless.

looking for inspiration?

First of all THIS interview is the most helpful source because it is the interview of Reign’s costume designer Meredith Markworth-Pollack for

For inspiration I’d also recommend checking Free People's website (they also make awesome short films on their youtube channel) and I think Alyssa Campanella’s Jumpers & Jasmine blog is the ultimate place for learning how to pull off maxi dresses and skirts in your every day life.

Hope this helps xxx

wintreisc0ming asked:

Hi! Your blog is so great - I realise this question may not be completely relevant, but do you happen to know of a hair dye that is Mary's/Adelaide's hair colour? I just love it so much, but I think (!) its her natural colour. Do you happen to know of one that is a similar colour? Thanks!

Hi! :) It really looks like Addy’s natural hair colour to me, and I’m sorry that I cannot really help you as I am no expert in hair dye (I had highlights in my hair about a year ago but I’ve never really dyed it).. Did anyone try to get Mary’s hair colour at home/salon? Shoot me a message if you did to help this lovely girl :) xx

Anonymous asked:

Hi! Love your blog, the design, and details of all your finds are amazing. Do you happen to know where I can still buy Kenna's necklace that you mention "In the fifth episode Kenna wears this St. Erasmus Tessitore Collar ($180) that was given to her as a gift from King Henry." pg. 34? I am IN LOVE with it. At the time the episode aired, I searched all over for it and could not find it. Thank you! Jessica

Hi! Thank you so much for your nice words Jessica! :) and I LOVE how detailed all the costumes are! even now I can find something I overlooked at first and I love it so much :).

This necklace by St. Erasmus was sold at BHLDN and $180 is it’s sale price. I found only one necklace by the same designer that looks almost exact as the one on Kenna. It’s this St. Erasmus necklace (£259 is, well, really pricey) and it looks like a mix between Kenna’s original necklace and Olivia’s pendant from 1x16. Sorry, I would like to be more helpful, but I also couldn’t find Kenna’s necklace on sale :(